Square 2: Next Steps Into Reconstruction by Keith Giles

Square 2: Next Steps Into Reconstruction

Launches on July 13th, 2020

What's included?

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Session 1: Creating Your Reconstruction Strategy
SQ2 WK 1 PALMER zoom_0.mp4
(1h 10m 01s)
Session 2: Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses
Where do we need to grow?
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Session 3: Encountering Christ
SQ2 JERSAK EXP zoom_0.mp4
59 mins
KG ANDRE RABE zoom_0.mp4
39 mins
Session 4: Worm-Free Theology
FINAL keith nomad 20202 worm theology.mp4
45 mins
JOHN LYNCH KG zoom_0.mp4
(1h 03m 16s)
This Is Your Life
Filthy Rags VS Pregnant Faith by Keith Giles
Session 5: Reconstructive Prayer
MARK KARRIS SQ2 zoom_0.mp4
(1h 04m 15s)
How to pray after everything has changed
Divine Echoes Study Guide Final.pdf
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Prayer After Deconstruction mark karris sq2 slides.pdf
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Session 6: Vicarious Healing
JOHN LYNCH KG zoom_0.mp4
(1h 03m 16s)
Session 7: Meditation and Silence
(1h 33m 08s)
Listening to the still, small voice
Session 8: More Grace. More Gratitude.
Are we continuing to grow in grace and forgiveness?
Session 9: Ambassadors of Reconciliation
Are we peacemakers?
Session 10: Death To The Status Quo!
Conversatio Morem: Constant Conversion
Session 11: The Pharisee In Me/The Christ In Others
Who said it was easy?
Session 12: Learning To Receive Love
SQ2 ANDRE WK 12 zoom_0.mp4
56 mins
We're not alone.