Lesson 9 -Practical Grace

Grace is a way of life, not a little prayer we say before a meal.
How do we embrace the concept of practical grace?
Why does it only work if it is freely applied to everyone around us?
How can we start to live from this place of inner grace?
What does it mean to Love God and Love Others if we don't also learn how to allow God to love us, and learn to receive love from others, too?
Lesson 9 -Practical Grace
Lesson 9
49 mins
MON: The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown
TUES: You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)
WED: Mister Rogers - The Truth Will Make Me Free
THUR: Brennan Manning: Do you believe that I love you?
FRI: Brennan Manning on God's love
SAT: New Testament Gamble Jam by John Lynch with kinetic typography
SUN: Homework