Lesson 8 - Rewiring Our Brains

Two Key Components:
  1. Being Thankful
  2. Serving Others
Why? Because being thankful re-wires our brains [see the science behind this and the power of being grateful], AND because serving others allows us to focus on healing others rather than lingering on our own suffering/pain.
*"....share your food with the poor, and then your healing will come..." [Isaiah ?]

"Forgiveness is giving up the right to retaliate. Forgiveness is the willingness to have something happen the way it happened. It's not true that you can't forgive something; it's a matter of the will, and you always have the choice. Forgiveness is never dependent on what the other person does or does not do; it is always under our control. Forgiveness is giving up the insistence on being understood.... Jesus forgave those who crucified him. This is a radically new way of thinking. For those who accept and practice this discipline, there is a release of energy and a sense of freedom." - Pixie Koestline Hammond; "For Everything There Is a Season."

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Lesson 8 - Rewiring Our Brains
Lesson 8
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