Why does Deconstruction hurt so much?
*Damaged Relationships
*Going it alone
*How do I find the bottom? When does it end?
*What will it take to heal and move forward?

“In the case of fundamentalist beliefs, people expect that choosing to leave a childhood faith is like giving up Santa Claus – a little sad, but basically a matter of “growing up.”

“But religious indoctrination can be hugely damaging, and making the break from an authoritarian kind of religion can definitely be traumatic. It involves a complete upheaval of a person’s construction of reality, including the self, other people, life, the future, everything.

“People unfamiliar with it, including therapists, have trouble appreciating the sheer terror it can create and the recovery needed.” – Marlene Winell, PHD.

Square 1: Finding Faith and Hope After Deconstructing Christianity

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