About Square 1

Many Christians have gone through a Deconstruction of their faith. This has created doubts, fears, anxiety and damaged relationships.

To help people move forward, I've created a 13 week, 90-Day coaching program called "Square 1" that provides practical, real-world solutions to find healing, stability and a foundation for a new kind of faith.

In this course, we'll talk about:
  • How do I heal damaged relationships?
  • How do I find healing for myself?
  • Finding a foundation to rebuild my faith.
  • What do I believe about God?
  • What about Jesus?
  • Detoxing from my detox
  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Practical grace for the journey
  • Rewiring your brain to experience a new reality
  • Why do we need a faith community?
  • And more!

Each week we'll spend an hour listening to a video presentation on these topics, working through homework, and one hour at the end of the week together in a live video webinar session with the host and fellow students.

Participants will need to engage the material and complete their weekly homework assignments to get the most out of this 90-Day program.

If you've deconstructed your faith and you're not sure how to move forward, this course is just for you.

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About Square 1
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