Ground Zero: Renew

2 Days. 6 Sessions.
A weekend webinar for pastors who are deconstructing their faith.
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Square 1: Finding Faith and Hope After Deconstructing Christianity

90 Days To Reconstruction: 12 Weeks, 2 Sessions Per Week [Includes: 1 Live Zoom Video Conference per week and 1 Video Lecture per week]. 

Author's Academy Part 1: Sessions 1-6

The perfect step-by-step road map you need as a small press author to write, market and sell your book(s).  Part 1 covers lessons 1-6.

Author's Academy Part 2

Sessions 7-12:
*Events: Local & National
*Online Course Creation
*Patreon 101
*Podcast Interviews
*Book Launch Strategy

BUNDLE: Author's Academy

All 12 Sessions of Author's Academy for one low price.

Private Consultation - 1 Hour

Book some private time to ask me questions about:
*Author's Academy
*Marketing 101
*Whatever you want!

Ground Zero: Deconstructing Religion

Conversations about the journey from Deconstruction to Reconstruction.

18 Sessions. 12 Weeks. 3 Zoom Calls. 
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Marketing 101 (For CEOs and Business Owners)

After 10+ yrs as an award-winning copywriter and marketing consultant to  Apple, IBM, HP, and Microsoft, I want to help your business grow.

MARKETING 101 - Meet Your Instructor

This short video will explain how I can help your business to thrive.

10 Ways To Make A Living As A Full-Time Author

A free e-book to help you earn a living as a full-time author.

Embezzlement: The Corporate Sin of American Christianity by Ray Mayhew

This is the PDF that changed my life. After reading Ray Mayhew's article we left to start our house church and gave 100% to the poor.

Square 2: Next Steps Into Reconstruction

Available only to graduates of Square 1. This course dives deeper into spiritual Reconstruction.

Square 3: Weekly Zoom Community

A weekly Zoom community available ONLY to graduates of Square 2.

Unraveled: Bonus E-book

Featuring 85 pages of additional material not included in Keith's 2017 book "Jesus Untangled"
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Ebook Comics Bundle

Collects Hard Video, The Devil's Riding Horse and Improvisation comics.
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Devil's Riding Horse [Short Graphic Novel] E-book

Short comic story by Keith Giles. Art by Kristian Donaldson. 
5 pages story. 12 total pages.
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Improvisation [Graphic Short Story] Ebook

A 24 page short story graphic novel, written by Keith Giles and illustrated by Jeff Spokes.
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Hard Video [Short Graphic Novel]

Originally published in Prophecy Anthology, 2001. Written by Keith Giles. Art by Khary Randolph. 6 pages plus bonus material. 25 pages.
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What Muslims and Christians Have In Common

What we have in common is so much more wonderful than what separates us. 
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The Gospel: For Here Or To Go? [PDF Download]

By Keith Giles
 The Gospel is a way of life. It's more than telling people that Jesus loves them, it's loving them because He has loved us.
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The Power Of Weakness [PDF Download]

By Keith Giles
God loves to do extraordinary things through ordinary people just like you!
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Subversive Interviews by Keith Giles [PDF]

A collection of subversive conversations with Dallas Willard, Neil Cole, Frank Viola, Walter Kirn, Matt Redman, Jim Wallis, Todd Hunter, etc
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You have no idea how much I love this [Square 1] group and how much I look forward to our weekly sessions.
Mike Craig
For me, Square 1 has been a safe space where I have been lovingly encouraged to work through these questions – and better still have been the questions of others in our group.

Please don’t give up on God, or get stuck in bitterness and pain without doing this course first. I have started to learn how to love again.
Kenneth Fleck
After participating in this online course [Square 1], I can honestly say that I will be forever grateful to Keith for this road to reconstruction. 
If faith has quit making sense to you, if church isn't working anymore for you, if you want an intelligence along with your feelings of faith, if you need something solid to get on the road again, do whatever you have to do to take Keith's wonderful course. It will not only change your life, it will give you hope again.
Norman Conner
Lots to digest! And so, so good! This session alone has been worth the money and time invested. Excited to talk this one through with everyone on our call. Be there, or be square (pun intended).
Diane Nichols
If you’re in the process of rethinking your faith, perhaps you should consider this intriguing course.
Greg Boyd, author of "The Myth Of A Christian Nation"
Knowing Keith Giles, this could be super (re)constructive! 
Brad Jersak, author of “Her Gates Will Never Be Shut” and "A More Christlike Way"
Keith Giles has put together a new transformational coaching experience for those who want to reconstruct their faith with wisdom, compassion, and integrity. He is a remarkable guy! If you're looking for someone to come alongside you on your journey, this may be for you! 
Mark G. Karris, author of “Divine Echoes”
For those of you who are either deconstructing and / or reconstructing your faith in order to separate your faith from the institutional church model and all the man-made traditions that go with it, my buddy Keith has created a training course which might interest you guys. Check it out!
Richard Jacobson, author of "Unchurching"
Deconstruction is so important for those of us who need it, but what we do in the aftermath is equally important.  Keith Giles is a voice I trust to help us navigate this crucial period of life. 
Jason Elam, host of "The Messy Spirituality" Podcast
It is obvious that Keith is truly inspired and guided by Jesus and you can't help but walk away wondering why you never did this sooner. 
Tom Dye
I absolutely loved this class! Thanks so much for being such a solid and deep influence over my spiritual growth these last several years.
Tommy Garrett
I appreciate all that you share, Keith. Your ministry has meant a lot to me. Blessings!
Patti Beverlin
Keith is a good man who brings great gifts, abilities, personality & character...I highly enjoyed my years working alongside him and I endorse him wholeheartedly.
Doug Webster, Pastor of The Following Church
Wow!  Super edits and ideas. Thank you. You’re a great teacher, marking up my papers!  
Blessed by you!
Linda Moore
I’m so encouraged by you, your work, your life, and your friendship—forever grateful.
Dr. Thomas Crisp, Biola
Keith, I hope you know how much of a light you are in the deconstructed darkness. I hope to tell you this in person one day, but for now, please know that meeting you has been a bright spot in my life and faith walk!

Todd Vick
Realizing that American Christianity is a sham is the first step but walking away from God entirely isn't the answer. In fact, walking away from Americanized Christianity should - in the end - lead you to greater life, peace, and truth. Deconstruction is only helpful if it is followed by reconstruction.

My friend Keith Giles has put together something great if you're interested. 
Peter Rollo